Business Planning Complete Start-up Package

Business Planning, Complete Start-up Package

Get your business off to the right start with our comprehensive start-up business planning package.

Use our experience to talk through the practicalities and solve potential problems before they arise.

This process can be challenging, but our goal is to put you in the best possible position to see your business succeed.

Business Concept Analysis

We help you analyse the complete situation, covering aspects like;

  • What is the problem/need you are trying to solve, can we define your target market
  • Identify what each key stakeholder brings, the up-front & on-going time and financial commitments
  • Capitalisation modelling, simulate different possibilities for a better understanding of your income, expenses & cashflow requirements
  • Minimum viable concept; we look at possibilities on how you might be able start smaller or cheaper and grow into your business.

Business Structure Planning

Using the information gathered we will provide you the following;

  • Suggest business structures that will be tax effective and give you flexibility to grow
  • Provide a business structure outline document
  • If applicable, draft an investors agreement framework for you to take to your legal advisor.

Sumo Accounting offers fixed price accounting packages to help you meet your tax obligations and management reporting needs.

Our Growth Strategy team is available for continued consultation through either one of our growth packages or on a “as-needed” basis.