How can I grow my Business?
Growth Strategy + Business Analytics

Achieving new and continued growth is a challenge for every business.

Some of our most common conversations with clients include;

  • How do we attract new customers?
  • Will selling a new product be successful?
  • Could entering a new market increase our sales?

Our goal is to help you uncover the key drivers of growth in your business and develop the tools required for you to take advantage of them.

To do this, we have developed an approach that takes away “fear of the unknown” and gives you confidence by applying a consistent process for gaining results.

Growth Strategy

Business Analytics


What are your core business assumptions?

Is there a challenge or problem identified?


How can we effectively test these assumptions?

What are the key factors to measure and how do we define them?


Devise simple but effective ways to record this information over a set period of time


Analyse the results and revisit the assumption questions

Formulate a plan of action

Once you have gathered enough information to answer your initial assumptions, we repeat the process using what has been learned.

This creates a continuous loop of improvement that allows you to monitor the health of your business.

Any new problems or challenges; you will have a complete toolbox to solve them.

Strategic Growth Sessions

  • Before your first meeting, we will get you to complete a quick questionnaire which will allow us to understand your business and what is important to you
  • Sessions are around one hour. The frequency will depend on the strategies we formulate together and the timeframes required to gather meaningful data
  • We promise to be upfront with you. This includes letting you know if we do not believe we can add value to your business.